Thanks to Johan Hagman

Thanks to Robb Mora and Tony Went

Thanks to Ward Walker

I wanted to pass a story on to you about the show that night,
The afternoon of the show we were in front of the bayfront center it was raining so we were all crowded up in front, in the lobby 98 rock had a huge birthday cake on display all the sudden Phil and the rest of Thin Lizzy came into the lobby to take pictures with what i assume were the radio people with the cake and to eat a piece of the cake, well someone started to bang on the glass doors to get phils attention, all the sudden the glass shatters and the crowd behind us started to force everyone through the broken glass security panicked with the crowd rushing in so they just got out of the way and a lot of people ran through including myself, they didnt even have a chance to take our tickets they just let us start running into the arena, thats why my ticket is whole, they never had a chance to tear it. cool story and a true story, i remember phil taking a joint from someone in the crowd up front and started to smoke it then he started to hand it back to the guy and pulled it back and took another hit and laughed before he gave it back again thanks for your hard work on your website it is awesome and i am proud to be part of it. Journey was awesome that day but i was there to see Thin Lizzy and they put on such a great show, i wish i could find a soundboard recording or something from that show

Thanks to Ward Walker

Gulf Artists Productions presents 98 Rock Birthday

8.600 in audience SOLD-OUT