New Electric Warriors (compilation various artists)

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Performed by Time
STREETFIGHTER:   1 Running  Turbo  
John Sykes (guitars)   2 Battle torn heroes Buffalo  
Mervyn Goldsworthy (vocals, bass)   3 She's no angel Streetfighter  
Lee Fenton (guitars)   4 Grind and heat Stormtroopers  
Gary Taylor (drums)   5 Feel the power Tarot   
    6 Hard man Bastille  
Quality control: Nigel Burnham, Des Moines   7 Hot rain Oxym   
    8 Firing on all eight Dawn watcher  
Logo records (MOGO 4011)
  9 If I were king Vardis   
Studio:    10 Rock and roll are four letter words Silverwing  
Recording dates:    11 Chain reaction Rhabstallion   
Release date: 80   12 Holding back your love Colossus  
    13 Workin' nights Jedediah Strut   
    14 Still on the outside Warrior   
    15 The hit Kosh   
    16 Bedtime Race against time