John Sykes - Out of my tree

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
John Sykes (guitars, vocals)   1 Soul stealer Sykes  
Marco Mendoza (Bass)   2 I don't wanna live my life like you Sykes  
Tommy O'steen (Drums)   3 She's all action Sykes  
    4 Standing at the crossroads Sykes  
Produced by: John Sykes
Engineered by: Alex Woltman
  5 I don't believe in anything Sykes  
    6 Black days Sykes  
Label: Mercury (PHCR-1365)   7 Jesus & Mary Sykes  
Studio: Capital Records   8 Do or die Sykes  
Recorded    9 If you need love Sykes  
Release date: 9508   10 Sleep on Sykes  
Art, Design: Jim Fitzpatrick