John Sykes - Loveland

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
John Sykes (guitars, vocals)   1 Everything I need Sykes  
Marco Mendoza (bass)   2 Didn't we say Sykes  
Tommy O'steen (drums)   3 Don't hurt me this way (Please don't leave me '97) Lynott, Sykes  
Philip Lynott (vocals)   4 Hold the line Sykes  
Alex Alessandroni (keyboards)   5 Thank you for the love Sykes  
Nik Green (keyboards)   6 Wuthering heights Sykes  
Jamie Muhoberac (keyboards)   7 Till the day I die Sykes, Alessandroni  
Tony Franklin (bass)   8 Haunted Sykes  
Reggie Hamilton (bass)   9 I'll be waiting Sykes  
    10 Don't say goodbye Sykes  
Produced by: John Sykes
Mixed by: Noel Golden
Label: Mercury (PHCR-1540)     e    
Studio: Precision Mastering by Steve Markason.          
Release date: 9710