John Sykes - 20th century

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
John Sykes (guitars, vocals, bass)   1 Look in his eyes Sykes  
Marco Mendoza (bass)   2 20th century heartache Sykes  
Simon Philips (drums)   3 I get around Sykes  
Guests:   4 2 counts Sykes  
Tommy O'steen (drums)   5 Defcon 1 Sykes  
Tommy Aldridge (drums)   6 System ain't workin' Sykes  
Bonnie Bonapart (drums)   7 The way you kiss me Sykes  
Mars Lasar (keyboards)   8 Found what I needed Sykes  
    9 Cautionary warning Sykes  
Produced by: John Sykes
Mixed by: Noel Golden
  10 Touched By Evil Sykes  
Label: Mercury (PHCR-1590)          
Studio: The Bonker, Northridge and Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA.     e    
Release date: 97