Whistler - Ho Hum

      Songtitle Composer Time
George Howe (keyboards, guitars, vocals)   1 Help me Chuter  
John Chuter (guitars, bass, vocals)   2 Hello lady Chuter  
Ant Grout-Smith (keyboards, guitars, bass, saxophone, vocals)   3 I canīt believe my eyes Davis, Howe  
Eric Bell (electric guitar on track 12)   4 City boy Howe  
Tony Carr (percussion)   5 Blind leading the blind Davis, Howe  
Barry Morgan (drums)   6 Machine Howe  
Clem Cattini (drums)   7 See the wheels are turning Chuter  
Doris Troy (voices)   8 Whenever Howe, Davis  
Lisa Strike (voices)   9 Do it for mother Davis, Howe  
Gordon Huntley (pedal steel guitar)   10 Blind man Chuter  
Douggie Wright (drums)   11 Nothing at all Chuter  
Jimmy Hastings (flute)   12 See what the future brings Chuter  
Produced by: Peter Johnson          
Arrangement by: Zack Laurence          
Engineered by: David Grinsted          
Assistant engineers by: Simon Skofield, John Burks, Dave Baker          
Illustrations by: Ant Grout-Smith          
Photography by: Jennifer Edwards          
Deram (SML 1083)
Studio: Decca studios, West Hampstead           
Recording dates: January 1971          
Release date: 1971