Dreams - The best of dreams

Thanks to T P McLoughlin for the pictures          
      Songtitle Composer Time
Eric Bell
(guitars on track 1 - 6,
guitar and banjo on track 7,
vocals on track 12)
  1 Baby IŽm your man OŽDonoghue, Magennis  
Shay OŽDonoghue (keyboards)   2 A boy needs a girl Shay OŽDonoghue  
John Farrell (vocals)   3 I will see you there A. Blakley, L. Hawkes  
Aiden Magennis (guitar)   4 Softly, softly E. Grant  
Dougie Mc Il Waine (drums)   5 Sweeter than sugar J. Levins, S. Feldman  
Jim Hudson (bass)   6 All I have to do is dream Bryant  
Joey Geoghan (saxophone)   7 Dance in the light of the sun A. Blakley, L. Hawkes  
Mark Mc Cormack (trumpet)   8 The Casatschok Music: Boris Rubaschikn
Eng. Lyrics: Fishman
    9 DonŽt you ask me Shay OŽDonoghue  
Produced by:   10 DonŽt throw your love away Shay OŽDonoghue  
Engineered by:   11 All alone am I Hadjidakis, Altman, Ioanniais  
    12 Respect Redding  
Photography by: Roy Esmonde          
Dolphin Records (DOLB 7002)
Studio: Eamonn Andrews Studios, Dublin          
Recording dates: ?          
Release date: 6912