Peter Green - In the skies

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Peter Green 
(vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar)
  1 In the skies P.A. Green / J.Green 4.45
Snowy White 
(lead guitar, rhythm guitar)
  2 Slabo day P.A. Green 5.00
Kuma Harada 
  3 A fool no more P.A. Green 7.39
Reg Isidore, Godfrey Maclean
(drums, percussion)
  4 Tribal dance P.A. Green 4.25
Lennox Langton
(conga drums, bongos, percussion, timbales)
  5 Seven stars P.A. Green / J.Green 3.05
Peter Bardens
(hammond organ, electric piano
  6 Funky chunk P.A. Green 4.08
    7 Just for you P.A. Green / J.Green 4.34
Label: Lotus records (LS4063)   8 Proud pinto P.A. Green 3.33
Landsdowne, Morgan, Vineyard, Ramport & Advision Studios
  9 Apostle P.A. Green 3.20
Recording dates:            
Release date: 79