Peter Green - Blue guitar

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Peter Green 
(lead guitar, laed vocals, harmonica)
  1 Apostle (orginal version diff. from the album In the skies) P. Green  
Snowy White 
(lead guitar, rhythm guitar)
  2 A fool no more P. Green  
Ronnie Johnson (rhythm guitar)   3 Loser two times M.D. Green  
Paul Westwood (bass)   4 Slabo day P. Green  
John Edwards (bass)   5 Crying wonīt bring you back M. Green  
Kuma Harada (bass)   6 Gotta see her tonight P. Green  
Roy Shipton (organs)   7 Last train to San Antone P. Green  
Peter Bardens (organs)   8 Woman donīt P. Green  
Dave Mattacks (drums)   9 Whatcha gonna do? P. Green  
Reg Isidore (drums)   10 Walkin the road M. Green  
Morris Pert (percussion)          
Lennox Langton (percussion)          
Carol Ingram (backing vocals)          
Pam Douglas (backing vocals)          
Dave Wilkey (piano)          
Peter Vernon Kell (piano)          
Produced by: Peter Vernon Kell          
Label: Lotus records (LS4063)          
Landsdowne, Morgan, Vineyard, Ramport, Advision, Rock city, Utopia
Recording dates:            
Release date: 8111