Linda Lewis - Not a little girl anymore

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Linda Lewis (vocals)   1 (Remember the days of) the old schoolyard Cat Stevens 3.11
Max Middleton (electric piano, clavinet, celeste, synthesizer)   2 Its in his kiss (Shoop shoop song) Rudy Clark 3.18
Derek Smith (keyboards)   3 This time Ill be sweeter Guthrie, Grant 3.50
Jean Rousell (organ, synthesizer, electric piano)    4 Rock and roller coaster Lewis 3.16
Duncan MaKay (organ)   5 (Im) not a little girl anymore Kupka, Bartlett, Castilo 4.12
Snowy White (guitars on track 10)   6 Love where are you now (that I need you) Ian Samwell, Bobby Tench 3.27
Robert Ahwai (guitars)    7 My grandaddy could reggae Lewis 3.20
Jeff Miromov (guitars)    8 I do my best impress Lewis 3.33
Jerry Freidman (guitars)    9 May you never John Martyn 3.58
Lance Quinn (guitars)    10 Love, love, love Lewis 3.42
Jim Cregan (guitars)           
Bernie Holland (acoustic guitars)           
George Lowell (slide guitars)           
Philip Chen (bass)          
Bob Babitt (bass)          
Clive Chaman (bass)          
Richard Bailey (drums)          
Gerry Conway (drums)          
Phil Kraus (percussions)          
Ted Sommers (percussions)          
Jack Jennings (percussions)          
Carlos Martin (congas)          
Darryl Lee Que (congas)          
Tower of power (horn section)          
Lenny Pickett (flute)          
Anna Peacock (backing vocals)          
Robin Clarke (backing vocals)          
Diane Sumler (backing vocals)          
Luther Vandross (backing vocals)          
Gwen Guthrie (backing vocals)          
Brenda White (backing vocals)          
Lani Groves (backing vocals)          
Denise Williams (backing vocals)          
Capability Brown (backing vocals)          
Domino (backing vocals)          
Lisa Strike (backing vocals)          
Tony Silvester (producer 2-4)          
Bert deCoteaux (producer 2-4)          
Jim Cregan (producer 1,5,6-10))          
Label: Arista          
Media Sound, New York (track 2-4)
Apple Studios, London (track 1,5,6-10)
Recording dates:            
Release date: 75